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School Safety

What if my child becomes ill or has an accident at school?


In the first instance, our support staff will attend to your child with some of them being qualified First Aid officers. If your child has received a bump to the head during school you will be informed with a letter or telephone call


Sickness or illness

If your child is sick or becomes ill during school, parents are contacted to decide on the best course of action. For this reason it is important that your emergency contact information is kept up-to-date.

In the case of a serious accident or illness it may be necessary to take your child immediately to the doctor or hospital. Parents would always be contacted straight away to advise them of this.


In the interests of all pupils and staff safety all visitors must report to the School Office. Visitors should sign the Visitors` Book and wear a Visitors` Badge when they are moving around the school. This protects the safety of all visitors in the event of an emergency and identifies them to other school staff. Parents wishing to speak with their child's Teacher will be able to do so by appointment through the school office.


If you have any other questions or feedback regarding your child's safety, please contact us.